Effect of Excessive Food Conservation

Articles 8 Feb 2018

Food is the foundation for the body, but it could be that the food we consume is toxic to our health, a healthy diet will have a positive effect on our bodies, as well as bad or excessive foods can have adverse effects on our body, eat less or eat excessively.

1. Experiencing weight fattening (Obesity)

This disease is a buildup of fat in the body, which can lead to Diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure. This weight gain is not only caused by fat, it can be caused by muscle mass or fluid in the body. Avoid bad lifestyles, excessive eating, smoking, use of certain drugs.

2. Indigestion

Digestive disorders are very diverse, there are diarrhea, constipation, it is often experienced by people who consume food excessively. Usually food consumed excessive carbohydrates contain so little fiber so stomach wound-injured by excess food and can cause inflammation.

3. Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy fatty compound that is mostly produced in the liver and in part from food. Cholesterol can happen to anyone, either to the elderly or young. High cholesterol increases, causing stroke, high blood or heart attack, it is triggered by cholesterol deposition.

4. Free radicals

Too much food can cause free radicals, usually the main trigger if we eat too often food that is burned or fried. This is very trigger the occurrence of stroke, heart disease, cancer, intestine and premature aging.

5. Diabetes

Diabetes or diabetes is where the patient’s body is not able to control blood sugar levels. Stacking blood sugar levels will be dumped into the urinary tract, usually the patient’s urine is surrounded by ants.

6. Uric acid

Uric acid or joint pain usually begins with unbearable pain, bumps, and a feeling of joint heat. Usually in parts joints of fingers, hands, knees, ankles and toes. High uric acid can lead to impaired kidney organ, and coronary heart disease.

7. Inhibits intelligence (psychological growth)

Often excessive eating can inhibit the process of intelligence or psychology. Substances contained in many foods also contain things that are not good such as food coloring, food preservatives and MSG.

8. Stomach ulcers (maag)

Stomach ulcers or what we might call gastritis, inflammation, infection or irritation of the gastric mucosal wall may be due to excess carbohydrates. Usually characterized by a feeling of nausea, frequent vomiting, abdominal pain, decreased appetite, pale face, often belching, fever, difficulty sleeping, abdominal bloating, tightness, headache, weight loss, and diarrhea.

We should try to maintain a good and regular diet, with the portion of carbohydrates are not excessive and consume a lot of fiber so as not to injury to the stomach and adverse effects on our body. Healthy lifestyle is a long-term investment for the upcoming old age, it is hard to live it but if it becomes a habit will feel easy.


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