How To Make The Effect of Matte Nail Polish

Articles 18 Okt 2017

Hi Oatlovers, as we know that makeup and beauty is not only about face right? It could be anything you wear, maybe your style, fashion or even your fingernails. Yes, nail beauty can make you look more elegant and give an accent to your details on your look. Well, dont you want to experiment with nail polish with a style that is not boring? Here is the step-by-step, dear healthy Oatlovers! 🙂 #OatLife
1. Boil water in a pan, do not forget to apply base coat.
2. Apply nail polish with your choosing color.
3. Before drying, place the nail about 20 cm above the boiling water pot. Make sure all nail surfaces are exposed to moisture and the matte effect is evenly distributed.
4. After feeling enough, wait until you dry yourself. For satisfactory results do not apply top coat on the nail, because the matte effect will be lost.

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