Choose The Right Shampoo For Healthy Hair!

Articles 18 Okt 2017

“Wear your hair like a crown”. Do you agree with that phrase, Oatlovers? In order to get healthy and well groomed hair, we should take care of it daily and choose the right hair cleanser product. Before finding the right shampoo, we need to recognize our hair type first. From all of these hair type, which one is your ‘crown’, Oatlovers? Are you using the right shampoo for your hair type? #OatLife
1. Oily hair. Choose ‘clarifying” labelled shampoos, which effectively cleans oil on hair and scalp. Do not wash you hair every day because it can trigger the production of oil glands. Wash you hair every two days.
2. Dry hair. Use the ones with dry therapy shampoo, hydrating formula, or moisturizing to moisturize your hair. Do not wash your hair too often because it can decrease the natural hair oil. Instead, do wash your hair twice a week.
3. Normal hair. Use daily therapy shampoos or the ones that are labeled ‘caring’ to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Wash you hair every three days, because the hair still requires the natural oil to coat the hair roots to keep it shiny and not dry

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