You Should Be a Nice Person.

Articles 18 Okt 2017

Oatlovers, being friendly and fun is not an option but a necessity. Especially if we are in a new environment, you are obliged to be a nice person. But if you are less confident to be such a likeable person, at lest please try this way! #OATTips # EverydayIsHealthy
1. Smile
There is not much need to be explained for this first part. Because the basic thing to be a fun person is to spread a sincere smile.
2. Remember the name
When getting acquainted with someone we should not forget his name, because it will make the impression that we do not really mean to know him and will soon create a bad impression..
3. Helping hand
Always offer help with everyone. When you see someone having trouble do not hesitate to immediately offer him some help. Because the smallest kindness will be very meaningful and easy to remember by everyone.
4. Save your gadget
Do not busy with your own gadgets. Gathering with new friends is fun. A good chance to get to know each other. Do not let this good opportunity is tampered with the busyness of each gadget. The world of interest is much wider than just the width of the screen that you hold oftenly.
5. Be positive
Always think positive and also offset something like this with positive action as well. Other people will feel happy and themselves will also be more comfortable.
6. Listen well.
Be a good listener for others. Pay close attention when others say something. Although give them response only with a head nod that was oke, at least seem to pay attention and not ignore to people while they tell their story. We always want to know and make friends with people who are fun, then be a mirror for yourself. Be in line with the attitude you expect from others, Oatlovers!

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