Healthy Lifestyle to Avoid Cancer

Articles 20 Sep 2018

Hello Oatlovers! Did you know that cancer is the deadliest disease? There are stages of cancer from the initial stage to the worst are the final stages. Each different type of cancer has different characteristics, therefore we must apply a healthy lifestyle to avoid cancer. What is the healthy lifestyle, let’s look together!

1. Avoid stressful thoughts

All you have to know is Oatlovers! Thought stress can reduce the immune system, stress can also adversely affect the pattern of everyday life, it can even increase various diseases including cancer. So make sure you are always calm, patient, happy and avoid excessive stress.

2. Good quality of rest

Now it must be endeavored to have enough rest every day. Ideally, a person has a rest period of 6 to 8 hours a day and a night. Don’t let you have a bad habit of sleeping late at night to avoid the risk of cancer and various other deadly diseases.

3. Routine for exercise

Of course this is something that is often reminded and familiar. Make sure to exercise regularly and enough body movement so that the body is always fit, protected from various diseases and protected. Exercise can be done from the simplest exercise, namely jogging, gymnastics or yoga. Protect yourself from cancer risk with regular exercise.

4. Consumption of foods containing Vit D

Foods that are rich in vitamin D are also very good sunshine in improving the immune system. Vitamin D that is adequately fulfilled also allows the body to always avoid the risk of various deadly diseases, one of which is cancer.

5. Reduce saturated fat

It should also be noted that foods that contain saturated fats and have a savory taste that is indeed not biased denied that appetizing is indeed very difficult to reject. But remember, even though it is very tasty and appetizing, this food is harmful to health. Saturated fat levels in foods that enter the body can trigger obesity, heart attack, colon cancer, uterine cancer and prostate cancer.

That’s how Oatlovers has a few tips on a healthy lifestyle to avoid cancer, hopefully it’s useful and hopefully we will avoid this risk of deadly cancer. Good luck!

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