Wise Ways to Avoid Obesity

Articles 9 Agu 2018

Hello, Oatlovers! Obesity can be one of the important concerns for everyone. Initially this problem occurred in various developed countries, but now obesity exists in developing countries, such as Indonesia. Obesity can harm the body because people who experience this are more susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and kidney disease. Here are the Wise Ways to Avoid Obesity, let’s see!

1. Consumption of lots of mineral water

Lots of people who consume less mineral water enough. This is very important and cannot be underestimated. Drinking enough mineral water can help reduce obesity in a natural way. Mineral water can maintain the balance of the body and keep the body’s metabolic processes going well.

2. Reduce fried foods

The thing that must be avoided by Indonesian people is food that uses oil, especially during the rainy season, indeed fried foods can function as a warmer for the body. But this type of food that is fried with vegetable oil can contain high enough fat. This type of fat can enter the blood vessels and can cause high cholesterol levels. Vegetable oil can be replaced by using olive oil or canola oil.

3. Meet the needs of vegetables and fruit

Drinking juice can be one solution to eating fruit every day, but it is hoped that the juice is low in sugar or does not use sugar. Vegetables are also very important because they are rich in fiber so they can facilitate digestion. In order not to get bored we can create food by eating fruit or vegetable salads, boiled or steamed vegetables, and there are still many ways to make vegetables and fruits to avoid getting bored.

4. Always have breakfast

The habit of breakfast now is very much abandoned for various reasons, one of which is the fear of the body becoming fatter. But it turns out this is not true, precisely when we eat breakfast it can help the body to reduce calories and the effect can increase energy during activity, we can also reduce the amount of food during the day, because breakfast can reduce the risk of obesity.

5. Avoid alcoholic beverages and cigarettes

The thing that must be considered to love ourselves is not smoking, drinking soft drinks or alcohol, besides containing carbon this drink uses artificial sweeteners or added sugar, and this can cause obesity in the body, cigarettes also contain nicotine which can become plaque in the vessels blood, blood flow that is not smooth can trigger obesity, smoking also makes the process of burning calories to be not smooth.

That’s Oatlovers! Obesity is a problem that can be solved, provided we adopt a healthy lifestyle, and love health, because health is an asset for the future. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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