5 Tips to Energize your Afternoon Routine

Articles 12 Feb 2015
Afternoon is the moment where workers feel the weakest.  This is due to the fact that lots of energy were slowly sapped during the morning to noon. By the time afternoon arrived, workers tend to feel lazy and unproductive. Often times, this will interupt their daily routine and work.
Are you one of those workers that feels the weakest during afternoon? If yes, then you don’t have to worry. We have a few solutions to energize your afternoon routine! Check this out:

1. Exercise in The Morning

One of the sure-fire trick to energize your afternoon is to do some exercise in the morning. Morning exercise gives you many benefits. Exercise makes your body fit, and stabilize your energy for the whole day. That’s why if you want to stay focused for all day, exercise is a good way to start.

2. Take a Walk

Try taking a walk at least 10 minutes during the break. Walking will refresh body and mind. Think it like hitting the ‘refresh’ button on your browser or desktop. Walking is the human equivalent of ‘refresh’ button. Walking will make you more focused and re-energize your body.

3. Eat a Lighter Meal

Eating to much during lunch is bad for your energy, it will make you sleepy and lazy to work. So don’t eat too much; especially foods that contain lots of carbohydrate. Eat something fresh and light like fruits and veggies. Also, avoid junk food like a plague, it will make you even more less productive.

4. Drink Some Green Tea
In order to restore your energy, sometimes you nee a little bit of caffeine. But if you’re not a coffee drinker, then green tea is great way to energize yourself. Green tea contains healthier form of caffeine that makes you will refreshed.

5. Do Some Stretching

Do some simple stretching moves in your workplace to regain the energy that you lost in the morning. Stretching will brings oxygen to your brain. In the afternoon, you desperately need some oxygen to your brain. Why? Because when brain lacks oxygen, your eyes will naturally shutting off.

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