Tips for Overcoming Sprue Quickly

Articles 4 Okt 2018

Hello Oatlovers! Sprue is a thing that is quite disturbing to the mouth, in addition to its tender taste, sometimes it is difficult to get well. This small reddish wound can be on the tongue, lips or cheek wall. Usually occurs due to lack of healthy food, or lack of drinking intake, brushing your teeth too tight and much more. The following tips to overcome thrush quickly. Let’s see!

1. Coconut

Oatlovers! It turns out coconut is believed to reduce pain and prevent inflammation from worsening. Of course you can also treat thrush with a mixture of honey and coconut milk or with coconut oil three to four times a day. Coconut is also believed to help cool body temperature, which in some cases is the cause of canker sores.

2. Salt

Gargling with a mixture of salt water for about 30 minutes, can help accelerate the healing process of thrush! In addition, salt solution is also believed to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial abilities that can prevent thrush from developing worse. It doesn’t need much, one half teaspoon is enough to make this solution.

3. Used tea bags

It turns out that used tea bags have benefits to cure thrush. Compress the thrush for about five minutes is believed to be able to help reduce the pain felt. This is because tea is a alkaline substance that can neutralize the presence of acids that can aggravate the pain caused by thrush.

4. Honey

Applying honey to the thrush can accelerate the healing process of thrush and reduce the pain it causes. As reported by Prevention, this is in accordance with the results of research conducted by researchers from Saudi Arabia University on 94 participants who found that there was a decrease in pain that arises and canker sores that appeared after participants smeared honey on their thrush for four days. This is believed to occur due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial abilities possessed by honey.

5. Don’t eat acid

Acidic foods can cause damage to the surface of a body tissue. So limiting the consumption of acidic foods can help reduce pain and prevent the development of thrush conditions. Most vegetables, milk, coconut water, and tea have low acidity so they are safe for thrush.

Well Oatlovers! That’s how to overcome thrush quickly without consuming drugs and safe for consumption. Don’t forget to eat healthy foods, drink enough mineral water and fruits every day so that no more canker sores occur. Good luck and hopefully useful!

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