Benefits of Ginger Milk for The Body

Articles 14 Jun 2018

Hello Oatlovers surely we are all familiar with the name of milk. Milk is now a lot of variants that taste dikreasikan there is soy milk, banana milk, strawberry milk and many more, but do you know the benefits of ginger milk? If you do not know yet let us look together!

1. Heal itchy throat

Well, did you know that ginger milk can heal the throat? If we are experiencing a cough accompanied by itching, or symptoms of cough that causes itchy throat, one natural way is to drink warm ginger milk. Drink immediately when it feels itchy, undoubtedly itchy itching will be lost immediately.

2. Cold medicine

Second is ginger milk can be a drug when colds. Maybe there are many circulating drugs to overcome the cold, but it would be better if we drink ginger milk whose ingredients are made from natural ingredients besides can be healthy, ginger milk is also free of chemicals.

3. Drunk driving

For those of us who often drunken ashore or sea, transportation when traveling far, especially now is the season Lebaran mudik. Quiet! There is a solution by drinking warm ginger milk before we ride a vehicle. If we like drunk when the vehicle, when about to go home, Sahur or breaking should we drink milk ginger proved potent drunk on the way to be lost.

4. Relieves pain during menstruation

For some women experience pain during menstruation. Pain is certainly very disturbing activity and can make the mood becomes bad. Try Oatlovers drink ginger mixed milk in order to ease the pain. The drink contains ibupfofen which is able to ease the pain.

5. Heart health

For those who have high cholesterol, the risk of heart and stroke, by drinking ginger mixed milk on a regular basis then gradually will reduce the risk of these symptoms. Because by drinking it with warm water cholesterol will go down and will make a positive impact for our heart.

6. Streamlining digestion

For Oatlovers who have digestive problems it is necessary to try drinking ginger mixed milk. Milk mixed ginger efficacious to handle digestive problems, such as difficult chapters, constipation, and nausea stomach. So before you take any chemical medicines you can first drink ginger mixed milk.

Thus some of the benefits of mixed ginger milk. We recommend that you immediately drink this while still warm. Can be made with any milk but it would be better if using pure milk and also should use fresh ginger. Hopefully useful Oatlovers!

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