Tips for Overcoming Insomnia

Articles 23 Agu 2018

Hello, Oatlovers! Sleep is a vital need for us, lack of sleep can cause things that are not good for the body. A person who lacks sleep is at risk for heart disease, and if lack of sleep within 3 days can disrupt the hormonal and metabolic work systems in the body. Therefore for those of you who have sleep disturbances or insomnia, here are tips to overcome insomnia that must be listened to as follows:

1. Avoid consumption of caffeine

Eating coffee is good for the body as long as it’s not excessive, but if we have trouble sleeping or insomnia should not consume coffee at night because it can cause insomnia. The caffeine contained in coffee makes us more insomnia, so coffee is good for you to eat in the morning, Oatlovers!

2. Keep the air freshness of the bedroom

The freshness of the air in our bedrooms determines the quality of sleep, air that is a lot of dust and dirty is not good for our health and sleep quality, can even trigger respiratory problems. If the room is closed tightly every day we have to open the window for 30 minutes so that oxygen enters the room. Do this every day so that the freshness of the room can be maintained and we can rest when we rest.

3. Keep the bedroom neat

The next way is the neatness of the bedroom, indeed this is a trivial thing, but for a man it is an extraordinary thing. Because it is very rare for a man to be able to maintain the cleanliness of his room. Some experts from the University og Harvad argue that messy rooms make them suffer 25% insomnia than those who have neat rooms.

4. Reduce excessive light

Lamp light can be a way to deal with effective insomnia. If necessary turn off the lights when we sleep so that we can be more restful to rest. According to one health journal originating from America, about 40% of the country’s population struggles to sleep because of the sparkling lights, even the survey also mentions that 10% of people who sleep with lights are on, they are at risk of certain diseases.

5. Choose the right color decoration

The color of a bedroom plays an important role in a person’s psychology, people who feel comfortable and calm when in a room that matches their favorite colors as a suggestion you can choose light blue or light green, because this color is calm, relaxation, fun, peaceful and full of hope, this makes it easy for us to rest well and quickly.

That’s the Tips for Overcoming Insomnia, make sure the room situation but fresh and neat, and consumption of healthy foods are also diligent in exercising so as not to get insomnia and avoid heart disease. Good luck and hopefully useful, Oatlovers!

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