Smart Steps Manage Your LinkedIn

Articles 18 Okt 2017

Oatlovers, do you have LinkedIn account? As a professional we know that LinkedIn account is very important things.It is like your digital CV and portfolio that you bring to social media account.

Obviously you can show your work, experiences, achievements to attract new links as well as colleagues or business.There are many steps you have to understand to improve your LinkedIn profile, Oatlovers. Check it out below!

Well, therefore, let’s be smart in manage your LinkedIn account! 🙂 #Oatmmunity
1. Keep your privacy.
When you update your LinkedIn profile, notifications that appear can certainly interfere with other users. Then choose ” select who can see your activity feed “in settings to” only you “.
2. Be opportunistic.
Follow groups that match with your target audience. In this way, you can invite or follow those in the group to be part of your networking.
3. Be a stingy person.
Give recommendation and endorsement only to the one you really admire. Do not randomly to give recommendation to people.
4. Do not to be satified for the skills you have.

Ask for endorsements on your contacts to improve your score on LinkedIn.

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