Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? Is It True?

Articles 15 Jun 2017

Do you ever think twice making a phone call by using your cell phone, Oatlovers? Wondering how long you hold up your phone on your ear, or where do you usuallly place your phone? If you, Oatlovers, have habits like the majority of people these days, you probably think that your cell phone is more than just your friend. Your smartphone has a lot of usefulness. Beside calling and texting through your phone, you can also browse the internet, use it as a personal organizer, playing games, taking pictures and video, whenever and wherever you want. But the most important thing here is, do  you know that cell phones could cause cancer? It is generally agreed that cell phones may also cause a lot of dangers, it is because they emit radiation which is then absorbed by the body of the user. By reducing the amount of radiation, Oatlovers could reduce any unforeseen health effects. Here are some simple ways that Oatlovers can do to avoid the radiation from your cell phone:

Using A Headset

By using a headset, it emits much less radiation than cell phone usually does. Keep your phone away from your head, the farther Oatlovers are from the source of radiation, the less damage it can do.

Text is Better!

By holding your cell phone away from your head – for example when writing and sending text messages, it will expose less radiation than having a phone call without a headset.

Keep Your Phone Fully-charged

When your cell phone’s battery is low, it has to work harder to get a signal, and consequently emits more radiation.

Sleeping Beside Your Cell Phone? NO.

Some people are so attached to their cell phones that they sleep beside them on the bedside cabinet or even under their pillows. Cell phones exude electromagnetic radiation whenever they are on. Put the phone on “airplane mode” is one of the best way for you, Oatlovers, which will shut down the transceiver, or you can just turn it off. If you need to be always available for any chats, calls, or email notifications, place the cell phone a few feet away from your bed.

Common Mistake: Carrying Your Cell Phone Close to Your Body

Oftentimes, your jeans pocket is a great choice for you, Oatlovers, to put your cell phone, right? But, do you know that your phone which is being held a couple of inches away from your body will deliver hundreds of times less radiation to your body. So, it will be good for Oatlovers, if you just put your cell phone on your handbag.

So, make sure that you, Oatlovers, won’t regret the time when you are not holding your cell phone, because the more time you spend not with your cell phone, chances are, you will also be healthier!

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