The Importance of Removing Your Makeup Properly Before You Sleep

Articles 26 Okt 2017

Have you ever sleep with your makeup on? After you do your daily activity, it will make you exhausted, right? Apart from being bad for your pillowcases, sleeping in your makeup is bad for your skin. Cell regeneration happens eight times faster in deep sleep at night. By not cleansing at night, it can disrupt the detoxification process. So, how you removing your makeup properly?

1. Wash your face with face wash.

A gentle foam cleanser works for everyone, especially one that has vitamin C, which supports elasticity and protects against premature aging. The best way to remove makeup is to spend extra time working your cleanser into the eyelashes so that you give the cleanser enough time to break up the waterproof or hard to remove makeup.

2. Remove your makeup with oil.

Oil helps to melt makeup, as well as provide enough slip to really massage your skin. They help to deeply cleanse without drying or stripping the skin, removing even the most stubborn of makeup.

3. Consider Using A Micellar Water

Most micellar water cleansers are great for a fast and gentle clean. First formulated in France, they are not just water, but a mix of water and oil, so they remove makeup more effectively.

4. Clean your makeup brush and change you pillowcase.

Wash your makeup brush more frequently you are breaking out and use for disposable tools when possible. You should also change your pillow case twice a week (or every other day). Pillow cases can hold a lot of bacteria on the face, so it’s a good idea to change the sheets often.

So, are you removing your makeup properly?

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