Steps to relieve pain during menstruation

Articles 22 Feb 2018

Not all women feel pain during menstruation, but in general women who are coming months they feel tremendous pain in the abdomen and head. Hormonal changes that occur cause women to menstruate every month. Normal cycle of a woman’s menstruation is 28 days. Symptoms that may arise as follows are pain in the lower abdomen, experiencing dizziness, bloating, fatigue, breast feels swollen, depression.

The steps to help reduce pain during menstruation are as follows:

1. Lie down or lie down

Bees can help the pain that arises usually on the back and lower abdomen. Use the pillow under the knee as a buffer deep breath drag and remove, do until the body feels comfortable.

2. Bathing with warm water

At the time of menstruation is usually bathed using cold water, it is advisable to take a bath using warm water during menstruation. Warm water can help reduce pain and relax the body.

3. Eat a healthy diet

Eating foods that contain fatty acids Omega 3, vitamin E, vitamin B1 and B 6, magnesium, can reduce pain during menstruation. Consumption of vegetables and fruits with a variety of colors of fish, pumpkin and foods containing vegetable protein.

4. Avoid alcohol and smoke

Consuming alcohol and smoking will actually make things worse, so try not to consume them.

5. Exercise regularly

Mild exercise can reduce pain during menstruation. Light exercise that can be done such as walking, swimming or cycling, but do not force yourself if you can not afford.

6. Compress

In order to relax the muscles in the abdomen, compress the stomach by using warm water. Slowly compress results will reduce menstrual pain.

7. Relaxation

Small massage on the abdomen will reduce pain, and relax the muscles in the stomach. Yoga and Pilates can also help relieve pain during menstruation, this needs to be done to calm the mind, or things that can trigger abdominal pain.

8. Consumption of herbal medicine

For women, entrusting medicine using traditional ingredients (herbs) is usually proven to be potent, by drinking a homemade kencur or turmeric herb made at home, in addition to reducing abdominal pain is also useful for calming the mind.

9. Consult a doctor

This is the last step, if the illness is not tolerated please consult a doctor. Although abdominal pain is common to all women during menstruation, in case of excessive pain should be treated with appropriate treatment.

Expected for all women who are menstruating to avoid flatulence, eat regularly, maintain personal hygiene, do not consume alcohol and cigarettes let alone drugs, use comfortable clothes, set a good diet and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration . A more regular life can increase positive feedback for our body, to be smooth for daily activities.

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