Coffee Benefits For Beauty

Articles 14 Des 2017

Is Oatlovers one of the coffee lovers? In addition to functioning as a remover drowsiness and improve mood, coffee also has other benefits for beauty. Ingredients such as carbohydrates, glycosides, minerals, amino acids, proteins, caffeine, aliphatic acids / carboxylic acids, trigonella, chlorogenic acid and many others have the ability to nourish the skin. What are the benefits? Let’s see:

1. Coffee grounds to tighten the face
For those of you who do not have time to care for the salon. Simply make a mask of coffee grounds for the face can add to the skin tightening so the skin becomes more easily maintained.

2. Remove blackheads
Not just acne, blackheads are also very often stop at the face. Excess oil content in this face to be a suitable place for growing blackheads. No more worry, just use the coffee pulp mask, Oatlovers.

3. Disguise black stains on the face
Powder or coffee grounds have the same benefits to disguise black stains on your face. This is because the ability of coffee lifting dead skin cells.

To obtain maximum results of course you have to do this super cheap care with a routine. When it is routine, it will become a good habit and also maintain the health and beauty of your skin, so there is no need to expensive to care for the saloon. Good luck, Oatlovers.

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