Building Happiness

Articles 19 Okt 2017

Happiness is coming from yourself Oatlovers, do you believe it? You just need to be smart to make that happiness in your life. The markers that you belong to the happy people can be completely unaware of you.

Simple things that are around you and probably have often do.

1. When You Learn New Things Every Day
Conscious or not, many new things that you learn every day. You may often not realize it because they judge them as routines or obligations that should be done. The new things you unwittingly learned slowly make you a stronger and happier human being.

2. You Can Love And Proud Of Your Own Body
Have you ever felt imperfect because your body is far from supermodel criteria? Of course legitimate feel your body is not perfect. But, this feeling should not make you self-conscious or self-cursing. Instead, you just have to love your body more.

3. Listening to Music, Singing, or Dancing
In the middle of a tough day in the office or struggling with exam questions on campus? Afterwards, you may just need to sit down and listen to your flagship playlist. Songs that can make you sing quietly while slightly moving your body. Miraculously, the songs can make you feel ‘alive’ again.

4. Often laugh out loud
When was the last time you laughed until your stomach ached? Laughter is the most obvious marker that your life is happy or even very happy. However, when every day your time runs out in front of the computer screen to finish the job, how can you feel happy laughing freely?

Being happy is an absolute choice in your hands. It is worth living filled with simple pleasures that make you feel the real happiness.
Do not forget to be happy, Oatlovers! #Everydayishealthy

(source: ariesandi.com)

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