Avoid These Habits To Prevent Senile

Articles 16 Nov 2017

Hi, OatLovers! Do not want senile in old age, right? So, avoid these bad habit, OatLovers. #EverydayIsHealthy

1. Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol can reduce vitamin B12 which is very useful for treating brain nerves, OatLovers!

2. Allowing prolonged stress

Prolonged and untreated stress will cause a person to be forgetful because of the ability to concentrate are disturbed.

3. Rarely hone your brain skills

Doing small activities such as reading, memorizing, playing chess or learning a new skill is believed to retain brainpower.

4. Lack of physical activity

Physical activity such as climbing stairs while at home or walking to the stall is indirectly beneficial to the brain, because the supply of oxygen is met.

5. Sleep patterns are wrong

Sleep well at night is needed to combine explicit and implicit memory in the brain. Try to sleep at least six hours per day to avoid senility.

6. Use Drug

By taking these drugs can affect brain and memory health. The more drugs consumed, the greater impact on memory.

There are things to prevent senile in the old age, Oatlovers. Share to your friends and let them more aware of this problem.

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