Prepare This Healthy Intake, For The Maximum Yoga Exercise

Articles 18 Okt 2017

Happy weekend Oatlovers! Are there any plans for doing some sports today? Have you tried yoga? One of yoga’s training is flexibility training. It allows you to stretch the muscle groups by doing repeated movements and retaining the muscles which allows the muscles to move smoothly.

Well, activities like this needs more energy resources, especially glucose and fat. Here is a list on how you can prepare your meals to get you the energy sources to do flexibility training. #OatStyle
1. Before yoga : A glass of ginger honey tea and two pieces of crackers
2. Breakfast : A bowl of Mung Bean porridge without the coconut milk
3. Lunch : 15 tablespoons of rice, 75 grams of chicken breast stew + 100 grams of tofu, and a portion of corn and bean sprouts
4. Snack : One banana and 100 grams of roasted almonds
5. Dinner: A small bowl of steamed rice, 200 grams of steamed grouper with oyster sauce, a portion of sautéed Chinese Broccoli and a small cup of frozen yoghurt for dessert.

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