5 Benefits of Chili for Health

Articles 18 Okt 2018

Hello. Oatlovers! Are you a person who likes to eat spicy food? How many chilies do you consume every day? Chili is one type of vegetable. Behind its small appearance and spicy taste that can make us addicted, chili has many benefits while consuming it is still within reasonable limits. Then what are the benefits? Let’s see together!

1. Smooth breathing

The benefits of chili can actually help expand the airways in the lungs, Oatlovers! So that it can reduce asthma. Vitamin A in chili can reduce pneumonia due to smoking, because cigarette smoke containing benzopyreneye destroys vitamin A in the body.

2. Prevent ulcers in the stomach

Many think that eating chili can cause ulcers in the stomach. It turns out that it’s not true that chili can kill the bacteria we eat and stimulate the cells lining the stomach to release substances that protect the stomach.

3. Prevent heart disease

It turns out that the content of vitamin B6 and folic acid in chili, as well as potassium and beta carotene, if we consume it can avoid heart attacks. Vitamin B can also reduce homocysteine ​​levels. High levels of homocysteine ​​can damage blood vessels and increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.

4. Weight loss

Cayenne pepper can help us who are on a diet, but it is not recommended to consume in an excessive way. Cayenne pepper which is able to increase metabolism turns out to be able to excess fat burning.

5. Helps in the detoxification process

The detoxification process occurs when eating chili, it can happen because cayenne pepper can make the body sweat. When you consume the chili peppers in the morning, you can give another mixture like honey and lemon to drink. This herb can detoxify the body as a whole in the human body.

Well, that’s Oatlovers! some of the benefits of chili for the health of the body, if you want your body to maintain its health, one of them can consume cayenne pepper. But keep in mind it is not advisable to consume cayenne pepper excessively, and also need regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Good luck!

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