Tips for Maintaining Health During Fasting

Articles 23 Mei 2019

Hello, Oatlovers! For Muslims, the coming of the month of Ramadan is obligatory to withstand hunger and thirst from the time of prayer until the evening arrives, except for women who are obstructed they should not fast. Of course this is a challenge for people who are actively working all day. There are many ways to maintain health during fasting, here are some tips for maintaining health during fasting, let’s look together, Oatlovers!

1. Drink plenty of mineral water

It is very important to drink lots of mineral water, when we fast we are prone to dehydration, causing the body to become weak because the flow of oxygen is not running smoothly in the body. For this reason, to avoid this, multiply drinking mineral water at dawn and breaking at least 2 liters per day so that it is always healthy and strong to fast.

2. Drink milk

Well, Oatlovers. Drinking milk is very influential for our stamina when fasting. The nutrients contained in it are quite complex. By regularly drinking milk when breaking the fast or the body suhoor will be healthier, the body will also become more fit when fasting.

3. Choose healthy foods

Healthy food can also support stamina when fasting, eating fruit and vegetables is the main menu that is mandatory when fasting. Ensure that vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are fulfilled, Oatlovers.

4. Not sleeping after dawn

If we have the habit of sleeping after dawn, you should not do it again. This habit can interfere with metabolism in the body, because eating food from the body requires time to digest food. If we eat directly to sleep can cause nausea, bloating, heartburn and want to vomit, it means that the body’s metabolism has an impact on not being good while fasting all day.

That’s how Oatlovers are tips on maintaining health during fasting, consumption of vegetables and fruit, multiply drinking mineral water, may be added to drink milk to increase stamina, choose healthy foods, may exercise lightly and do not sleep after dawn. Good luck and Happy Fasting, Oatlovers!

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