The Benefits of Squats

Articles 18 Okt 2017

Do you have very tight schedule today , Oatlovers? Here is a few tips to keep your body and mind fresh during the day. Let’s start your morning with doing a simply workout! The strength, power, flexibility and balance that can be gained from squats should make this exercise a staple in any routine. The variations of squats allow for us to perform the move every day, allowing for proper recovery between workouts and won’t lead to burnout. Here are just a few reason why we should be performing squat everyday :
1.Burnout your calories.
Squats is the best way to stimulate muscle-building hormones, which strengthen the entire body.. And your body will burn 50 – 70 calories per day.
2. Build muscles.
Squat is really work on legs, hips, harmstring, calves, and quads. Weighted squats will challenge the body to overcome a force and reap the anabolic benefits. Squats are one of the few exercises that work on so many muscle groups, such as the back and abdomen.
3.Increases muscle mass.
Squats not only help build a muscle, but also as a trigger of testosterone that helps increase muscle mass. Building muscle helps regulate the metabolism of glucose and fat as well as insulin sensitivity, so that protecting you from diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular problems.
4. Make other activities become easier.
Squat is a type of exercise that used your own weight. This exercise will make you easier to do other activities everyday, such as tying shoelaces, or just move your furniture.
5. Improve balance and strength
Squats also work outside the core muscles, which increases the coordination of the brain and muscles. Squats are exercises that can increase leg strength, an important part for you to keep moving with age.
6.Prevent Injuries.
Most athletic injuries involve weak stabilizer muscles, ligaments and connective tissues, which squats help strengthen. They also help prevent injury by improving your flexibility (squats improve the range of motion in your ankles and hips) and balance, as noted above.
7.Boost Your Sports Performance — Jump Higher and Run Faster
Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a mom who chases after a toddler, you’ll be interested to know that studies have linked squatting strength with athletic ability.1 Specifically, squatting helped athletes run faster and jump higher, which is why this exercise is part of virtually every professional athlete’s training program.
8.Increase metabolism.
Doing squats increases metabolism in your body, which is it turn helps provide nutrients and get rid of toxins from all the cells in your body.

Good luck Oatlovers!

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