Lets Go Swim!

Articles 2 Nov 2017

Women in general would want to shape her body is always keep their body ideal right, Oatlovers? And swimming becomes one of the fun sporting options that can be done by many people including women, Oatlovers.

Although swimming has the same benefits as jogging, aerobics, etc. It turns out that swimming has special benefits for women. What’s the benefits? Lets take a look:

1. Preventing Osteoporosis

Some studies have shown that women are most susceptible to osteoporosis than men. Therefore, swimming is recommended for women to get stronger joints and prevent bones from becoming brittle.

2. Lose Weight

Swimming for 1 hour keeps all the muscles working so that it can burn more than 500 calories.

3. Preventing Stress

Women with solid activity every day would be easy to stress. And swimming helps to lower anxiety levels and boost your mood back to normal, Oatlovers.

4. Strengthens the uterus

For you who are pregnant, this pool is really good for body. In addition to preventing the swelling of the body on the feet, swimming also strengthens the muscles of the uterus and pelvis become stronger.

5. Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

In young women, swimming can reduce the risk of breast cancer, you know. Women who regularly swim, can reduce the risk of breast cancer is as much as 20%. Swimming is also recommended for women who have a family history of breast cancer.

Swimming may be difficult. To get started, you can really hire the services of swimming instructors to launch this sport. Moreover, swimming becomes one of the important sports, especially for you women, Oatlovers.

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