4 Reasons Why Consuming Too Much Salt Is Bad for You

Articles 16 Agu 2018

We need salt to survive because our bodies depend on sodium for a control system to balance body fluids, along with other electrolytes such as potassium. However, our body reacts negatively when we consume too much salt, and this can affect our brain, kidneys, arteries and heart. Excessive use of salt can cause chemical imbalances that can cause death. Here’s the reason why consuming too much salt is not good for you.

1. Cardiovascular disease

Excessive daily sodium intake contributes to a high risk of cardiovascular disease in adults. According to one study, high salt intake was associated with a significantly increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

2. Kidney Disorders

The kidneys help remove waste products, balance fluid levels and control the production of red blood cells in your body. But with high salt intake and high blood pressure, this can cause kidney disorders. According to research, excessive salt intake can reduce the kidney’s ability to filter out unwanted toxins.

3. Bloating

Eating out can make you feel bloated and foods high in salt tend to be the cause. One study reported that foods high in sodium, usually processed foods, can cause the body to retain water. It is highly recommended that you read food labels and not add more salt.

4. Craving for more Salted Food

Consuming too much salt for a long period of time can make your tongue familiar with the taste, no longer aware of how much salt you have consumed. Of course this is not good because it can cause diseases that harm you.

Indeed, without salt, your food will taste bland. However, consuming too much salt can cause some serious health problems. You don’t have to stop using salt in your food, really. Just don’t use it too much.

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